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Volunteers Needed to House Children from Massachusetts


Friends, children in Massachusetts need our help. Workers in the textile mills in Lawrence, Massachusetts have gone on strike to protest recent wage cuts. Massachusetts has just recently reduced the maximum hours worked per week from 56 to 54, and the textile industry has consequently reduced the weekly wage paid to their workers. Hardworking men and women who are struggling to support their families can now afford even less bread to feed their children – and we know that it was hard enough before!

In order to help provide strike relief, we are asking you to please, please consider taking in the children of these workers until the strike is resolved. In doing so, we can allow our fellow workers in Lawrence to focus on their strike, without worrying about how they will feed their children. Furthermore, this may create positive publicity for the strikers.

The children will be taken by train to New York City on February 10.  If you are a supporter of the strike, you live in New York, and you are willing to house a child from Lawrence until the strike is resolved, please contact Elizabeth Gurley Flynn today!

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