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Why Join A Union?

Joining a union provides you with many important benefits, and the ILGWU in particular is a valuable resource for workers in the textile industry. The ILGWU has not been around for very long, but it is committed to fighting for the rights of textile workers, and and creating a better future for all of us. If you would like to read a brief history of the ILGWU, please click here.

Do you want better working conditions? Are you tired of working to exhaustion every day, and yet barely having enough to support yourself and your family? This is exactly what the union hopes to win for you. Some of the current union demands are:

  • a maximum fifty-two hour work week
  • abolition of the subcontract system
  • weekly payment of wages
  • limitation of overtime to two hours a day, not to exceed later than nine o’clock pm.
  • the end of charges for materials and tools
  • a recognized union shop

If you are at all interested in joining the union, contact the ILGWU today.

If you are not a textile worker or simply feel that you are unable to join our union, you can still help. You can donate via Paypal, or by visiting your local union organizer – choose whatever is most convenient!