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Interview with Clara Lemlich

Q: Hello Clara thank you so much for agreeing to share your story with us. We also want to commend you for your wonderful leadership and enthusiasm that encouraged the uprising of 20,000 shirtwaist workers in the garment industry until the beginning of last year. We want to share first the story of how […]

Society for the Promotion of Industrial Education

A PUBLIC meeting will be held at Cooper Union on Friday evening, November 16, at eight o’clock, under the auspices of the national Society for the Promotion of Industrial Education.

Mr. Milton P. Higgins, president of the organization committee, will introduce Dr. Henry S. Pritchett, president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who will preside, […]

National Child Labor Committee Meets in Washington

BY LILLIAN D. WALD Nurses’ Settlement, New York THE National Child Labor Committee met in Washington in December last, a serious gathering of a few overworked men and women in the interests of the working children of this great nation, whose condition is fast becoming the humiliation of America. England had the scandal of wage […]

Days and Dreams by Sadie Frowne

My name is Sadie Frowne. I work in Allen Street (Manhattan) in what they call a sweatshop. I am new at the work and the foreman scolds me a great deal. I get up at half-past five o’clock every morning and make myself a cup of coffee on the oil stove. I eat a bit […]